The Avatarium Modular Studio Array

A better idea in image capture

If you're a 3D modeler looking for a better way to capture images, the Avatarium Modular Studio Array is the answer.

Two fully-equipped mini-studio options:

Avatarium Studio Pro
Avatarium Studio Lite
One for permanent in-house or semi-permanent retail locations; one to pack up and take with you where you go. Both include static camera arrays, for more efficient image capture than 3D scanning.
Fully equipped out of the crate. Unlike other systems, Avatarium modular studios are turnkey solutions, ready for work on day one. Everything you need — camera arrays, capture and processing software, structure and more — is included. No hidden expenses.
Speed makes the difference. Because we've replaced the old scan systems with fast-capture microcomputer HD cameras and our proprietary software, Avatarium modular solutions promise a faster 3D modeling process, from initial sessions to final product.
The results are simply remarkable. The greatest possible accuracy and clarity. A wider range of motions. More pose options. And the coolest, most creative 3D results available on the market today.

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